Turn your boring, dull Cabbage Soup into something TASTY and EXCITING!!

Cabbage Soup Diet Pot Simmering

You’ve probably heard about the Cabbage Soup Diet – a 7 day diet that can help you lose up to 10 pounds in just one week – and maybe you’ve tried it, too.

The problem most people have with the soup is always the same…the soup is just bland!

Cabbage Soup Diet Seasonings

Add this seasoning mix – and your soup will taste GREAT!!

The original recipe suggests adding bouillon cubes, V8, and trying to throw in some spices that you like, hoping you’ll whip up something tasty and not bland.

But What If The Soup Is a Bit Bland?

You know you probably won’t eat it. And you’ve spent time and money making the soup!

And eating the soup – and a lot of it, 3 bowls per day – is the key to losing weight on the Cabbage Soup Diet.

Now, there is a way to be sure that your soup will be SO good, you’ll have no problem eating it throughout the day!  We have come up with the perfect blend of seasonings…and a great Cabbage Soup recipe to go with it.

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